Miniature Cows

Miniature Calves come from Miniature Cows. Cows are females and bulls are males.

Mini Cows " The Ladies" Of the ranch

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Miniature cows, exclusively female, are charming bovines bred to maintain a compact size while retaining all the desirable traits of standard breeds. Standing at 43 inches or less at the age of three, these little beauties are perfect for hobby farming or as beloved pets. With their manageable size and gentle demeanor, miniature cows are well-suited for families, homesteaders, and enthusiasts seeking a rewarding livestock experience. Miniature cows offer all the joys of traditional cattle ownership in a pint-sized package, making them a delightful addition to any family, farm or rural property.

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Most people say “mini cows” when they look for miniature cattle. They don’t realize that only a female is a cow. Don’t rule out the amazingness of a mini bull. They can be sweet and downright cuddly. Did you know that female mini cows can have horns. 

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