The Bulls

A Miniature Bull might be small in stature but they are BIG with personality! 

The Miniature Bull

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Every miniature bull is  carefully chosen for specific traits. We prioritize smaller frames, abundant hair, good temperament, and excellent conformation. These characteristics ensure that our bulls not only pass on desirable traits, but also maintain the breed’s standards. Miniature bulls typically stand 44 inches or less and micro bulls are typically under 37 inches at three years old. Each of our bulls exhibit impressive genetic traits, excellent conformation, amazing color and easygoing personalities. Working with mini bulls requires a delicate balance of respect and firmness. It’s crucial to understand their behavior and establish trust through consistent handling. This approach takes time and expertise to master, ensuring the safety of both the animals and the handlers. Experienced individuals can effectively manage bulls, creating a harmonious relationship based on mutual understanding and trust.


Stetson, our beloved Silver Miniature Highland Bull, continues to exceed our expectations. His gentle nature shines through, reflected in the exceptional qualities he passes on to his calves. He produces short, stocky, and fluffy offspring, Stetson’s signature curls are a favorite of the ranch. His undeniable charm and consistent ability to breed quality calves make him a prized asset in our herd.


Herbie, our Micro Mini Highland Cross bull, has brought unexpected joy to the ranch. As the proud sire of the smallest calf, his lineage promises a bright future. Each new calf brings anticipation and excitement, thanks to Herbie’s unique genetics.


Lovingly known as Gus Gus, our black Belted Galloway miniature bull. Last year we were blessed with a handful of adorable calves from this guy. They all had great bands and that great Galloway hair. He is a talker and always lets you know where he is.


The first of the bull calves retained from Stetson. Remi, our dun micro Highdex bull, is anticipated to sire his first calves this year. His breeding emphasizes balanced conformation and micro size. Excitement is high due to his impressive coat quality and coloration.


Another of Stetsons calves, Wylie, is a high percentage silver dun Highland cross mini bull, is set to continue his father’s legacy. With a touch of Hereford genetics from his mother Dolly, Wylie inherits a striking bald face. This unique mix of traits promises to make Wylie stand out and carry on the impressive lineage of his father.

Did you know a Miniature Bull is not a mini cow? Only females are can be called a cow.  If this is news to you, you might want to check out other interesting facts and details about miniature cattle. We have a blog with lots of details and also a podcast. If you want to follow us around the Ranch, check us out on instagram