Adding new mini calf to your family is easy with our expert help. Check out some of the adorable mini cattle already adopted. 

Already Adopted Miniature Cattle

When you embark on the journey of purchasing a new calf, you are not alone. This experience is one that you, your family and our family at Xbar6 Miniature Cattle share together. From selecting the perfect calf to raising and caring for it, every step is taken as a united effort. At our ranch, we take every step possible to make sure your pet’s transition to their new home is seamless. We provide all the necessary information and guidance to make sure you are fully prepared once your furry friend arrives. From detailed care instructions to information on essential supplies, our commitment is to support you every step of the way in welcoming your new family member.

Take a look below at some of our adorable already adopted mini cattle that have found loving homes. Will your new baby calf be the next one we feature? 

Don’t worry, we have more adorable mini cows, check out our available section. 

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Learn How To Care For Your Adopted Mini Cattle