Miniature Cattle Breeds

Miniature Cattle come in a variety of breeds with each breed having mini cows and mini bulls. They have captivated the hearts of animal enthusiasts and families all over the world, offering the allure of cattle in a compact and manageable size. These petite bovines come in a variety of breeds each with its own unique characteristics and traits. Let’s highlight a few of the breeds we raise here on the ranch to help determine which breed will make the best fit for your family.

Our Cattle Breeds

Miniature Highland

Miniature highlands are the fluffy little guys you see all over Youtube, Facebook and Instagram

Mini Highlands come in a variety of colors like their original ancestors from Scotland. They have a big fluffy dossan (bangs) that typically cover their eyes as they mature. They have large horns and thick wooly coats.

Although, Highlands are a smaller framed breed they are not naturally miniature. Miniature Highlands have been crossed with other breeds, typically Dexter, to bring down their size.

We have found that they have curious and loving personalities. When handled from an early age they can be wonderful additions to your family.


Dexter miniature cattle, hailing from Southern Ireland, are a smaller breed of cattle known for their black, red, or dun coats.

They can either have horns or be naturally polled, meaning no horns. Originally brought to the US as dual-purpose cattle, they excelled in both beef and milk production. In recent times, they have been crossbred with various breeds to create smaller versions that cater to the miniature cattle market.

It’s worth noting that Dexter cattle carry the Chondrodysplasia gene, which causes dwarfism in cattle and can result in micro cattle. While they are generally easy to handle, they can also possess independent personalities.

Mini Belted Galloway

Originating in Scotland Belted Galloways are recognizable by their distinctive white “belt” encircling their black or red or dun bodies. That white belt has earned them the nickname “cookie or oreo” cow.

This breed’s double coat offers protection against cold weather, making them well-suited to colder climates.

Belted Galloways are another small framed cattle that typically fall in the midsize cattle range.

Crossbreeding with miniature breeds can bring their size down into the miniature range. Their lack of horns and docile temperament make them a favorite among mini cow enthusiasts.

Miniature Highpark

Highpark mini cattle emerged as a more recent innovation in the miniature cattle industry. Unlike a distinct breed, they are the result of breeding two different cattle breeds to produce a specific color pattern.

By crossing a Highland and a White Park, we have achieved a remarkable outcome – cattle with thick, wooly coats and the color pattern of a White Park, featuring colored points or tips. These points can be observed on their ears, nose, eyes, and the bottom of their legs.

Alternatively, Highpark cattle can also be a cross between a Highland and a British White Park.

The notable distinction in this case is that the offspring will be polled, meaning they will not have horns.

Types Of Miniature Cattle Breeds

The world of mini cow breeds is as diverse and captivating as the full-sized cattle universe. Each breed offers a unique combination of characteristics. Whether you’re seeking a mini cow for a new family pet, a companion for other livestock, a small petting zoo or farm stand there’s a breed that suits your preferences and goals. By exploring these charming mini cow breeds, you’re embarking on a journey of discovery for your family

Mini cow breeds offer a unique blend of characteristics that make them fascinating and charming. From their small size to their friendly demeanor, each breed brings something special to the table. Be sure to consider factors like space, temperament, and care for your little cow. Researching the specific breed’s characteristics will help ensure a harmonious fit with your family’s lifestyle and needs. Let’s begin your journey!

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